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A speech evaluation is designed to determine if there is a need for speech therapy and if so, what the goals of therapy should be.

At Independent Speech, our evaluations allow for a Review of Records. If you have any speech-language records (evaluation reports, progress reports, IEP's, etc.) you can submit these records for review. This helps the Speech Pathologist choose the most appropriate assessments based on what has been completed previously. Then the information contained in these reports along with the information obtained through the evaluation will be compiled into one report. Thus you have all the speech evaluation information in one place.

The speech-language evaluation consists of the completion of standardized and informal assessments. At Independent Speech our therapists use the same assessments that would be completed in a school, hospital or other private practice. These assessments are chosen based on previous reports and your current speech-language concerns.

Following the evaluation you will receive a Speech Evaluation Report. This is a report that details the assessments that were completed and the results of each assessment. These results are generally reported as standard scores and percentile ranks thus showing areas of strength and weakness which alerts the therapist as to the areas where speech therapy can be beneficial.

Independent Speech's evaluation reports are accepted by insurance companies, schools, hospitals and other private practices. Thus if you are looking for a second opinion (or a first) you can present this evaluation to other professionals for consideration.

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