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Online Speech Therapy Services

At Independent Speech, each speech therapy session is held in real-time video and audio over our secure internet site. You are able to see, hear and interact with your therapist as if they were sitting across the table using a web-cam and headset which we can provide for you. Each of our students receive their own private therapy room which only they have access to in order to maintain complete security.

Our activities are designed by speech-language pathologists to engage and motivate our students. Each activity is designed to target a specific objective but will be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. Our activity library houses hundreds of activities and is continuously being updated to ensure there are new, exciting activities to work on during each therapy session. All of our activities are interactive, you are able to control the activities you see on the screen by using your computer's keyboard and mouse.

All of our therapists have experience working in hospitals, schools and private practice and are nationally and state certified. They bring all the skills they learned in those settings to you through our program. They provide the same high-quality speech therapy as you would find in a clinic or home-based session.

In addition to the live one-on-one speech therapy sessions, we also provide you with an online folder. There are two parts to this folder, reports and practice activities. The reports file is where you find daily progress notes which are updated after each therapy session and monthly progress reports. The practice activities file contains activities that you can work on between therapy sessions. As the activities are completed, new activities are placed in your folder to ensure there is always something new to work on. You have access to this password protected folder 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any computer (that has internet access).

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